Our services.

Media and Public Relations. From corporate communications management, public information services, product and funding announcements, crisis communications, in addition to ongoing digital PR strategies, our agency prides itself on our innovative and aggressive approach to crafting the conversation for organizations, brands, and government.

Event Planning and Management. Whether building an event for 25, 5,000, or more people, our agency’s expertise in building and managing innovative public events is nearly-unparalleled in New York State. Keeping budgetary concerns in mind, while addressing patron flow and event staffing, our events assist with overall outreach efforts.

Graphic and Visual Design for Branding. Our agency develops design and visual concepts for products, digital media, advertising, print publications, and more. Our designs have been or are in use in product designs, direct mail campaigns, and more.

Digital Media Production and Media Deployment. We provide a one-stop-shop for direct mail and media purchasing, from printing, mail processing, data conversion, script writing, video production, and rate negotiation.

Advertising Strategy and Coordination. Through identifying best advertising practices, our agency crafts advertising campaigns that are budget-conscious and data-driven to ensure the designated audiences connect with the right brands or initiatives.


Regulatory Assistance and Management. Our agency enjoys extensive relationships with local, state, and federal offices that allows for our clients to focus effectively on specifics with legislation, regulatory affairs, and more alongside well-recognized public affairs firm partners in Albany and D.C.

Campaign Communications and Coordination. Our agency’s roots are in electing individuals to public office in a diverse, disruptive political environment, in which navigation in political and media circles must be done effectively. Since our founding, we’ve worked on more than 100 campaigns.

Photo and Video Services. Our agency has a team of in-house and contract award-winning photographers that can truly capture the essence of an event, a moment, and a vision for your brand and/or organization.

Web Design and Development. An in-house specialty, we design, manage, and host websites in support of our brands.

Some helpful thoughts.

Why should I/we hire Relentless? We are a results-driven, hard-charging agency that believes in the personal touch. We thrive to break your message into the public conversation on the ground and in the air — our record proves our strength.

Do you call yourselves a PR firm, an event planning company, or design agency? It seems like Relentless does alot. We sure do! The core of our business is communications and the services we provide are the tools that allow us to effectively serve your brand or organization. That could include a media campaign, an advertising push, an event with stakeholders, a website — you see the idea. Our strategy is why go to a variety of agencies and service providers when you can just go to one.

Am I better off with a boutique agency like yours? Yes. We are able to more effectively address your concerns, needs, and requests in a meaningful way. We have lower overhead costs, in which those savings are passed onto you.

You’re based in Albany and Greenville. My business is in Wherever, USA. Are you able to work with me? Yes. Our team can meet digitally with you or we will meet you in person as needed. In today’s digital age, we are confident in our ability to serve clients, no matter where they are.