September 2, 2020

Promotions, new hires for Relentless Albany team

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During the last six months since the COVID-19 pandemic uprooted many of our lives, we have taken this time to re-calibrate and reinvest in our ability to serve our clients.

From expanding our public affairs and regulatory practice to investing in media production and capabilities, we recommitted to the “I” in our slogan “Trusted, Innovative, and Non-Stop.” It is no more evident today that it is critically important to be innovative in how we get the message out on behalf of our clients, but how can we support them during these trying times?

That commitment has led us to expand our team to ensure that we can better support you and your business or organization. That being said, we wanted to introduce (or reintroduce you) to some of our team members, in addition to those being promoted.

Brooke Pominville has returned to Relentless as chief of staff. In her new role, she will lead strategic projects by the agency, in addition to representing the partners on a variety of initiatives. Previously, Brooke was a projects and operations manager tasked with a wide array of clients, ranging from municipal government, craft beverage manufacturing, hospitality, and more. Tenacious and meticulous, Relentless benefits from Brooke going the extra mile for the agency’s clients and its future.


Abena Okyere was promoted to director of administration and operations. Joining the agency first as an administrative manager, Abena is tasked with managing the agency’s internal operations and processes. Outside of her work at Relentless, she is a highly-acclaimed bartender who has won regional and sub-national competitions.


Sam Moskowitz was promoted to director of digital communications. The self-proclaimed “liquid overlord,” Sam is a font of knowledge into the craft beverage industry – having worked at each level in-house at producers, distributors, and retailers – in addition to digital strategy and execution. He is intimately aware of advancing clients’ goals through innovative digital strategy practices and is able to distill myriad points into consumable copy.


Sabrina Flores was promoted to projects and operations manager. In her role, Sabrina manages a portfolio of clients that range from the craft beverage industry, theatre and the performing arts, tourism, economic development, and manufacturing. A graduate of the University at Albany – SUNY (B.A., Journalism), Sabrina interned with the New York State Writers Institute and participated in our agency’s Communications Associate Internship program. A dynamic leader in her own right and stellar photographer: as president of the student-run University Photo Service, she led and mobilized efforts to keep the venerable service in its current space with darkroom access.


Joah Alindato was named marketing and special projects manager. In his role, Joah works with clients’ marketing and advertising initiatives, manages media production, and works on special projects for the agency as designated by the partners. A graduate of the University at Albany – SUNY (B.A., Documentary Studies), Joah previously worked with a national craft coffee manufacturer and a national food processing company.


Ariah Matias was named projects and operations coordinator. In her role, Ariah performs research and copywriting services, in addition supports media production for the agency’s clients. A graduate of the University at Albany – SUNY (B.A., Journalism and Spanish), Ariah interned with Spectrum News during her undergraduate career in addition to our agency’s Communications Associate Internship program


We are proud of each of them and their commitment to moving our clients’ message forward – especially as we continue our efforts to better serve clients nationally, in addition to our home in New York’s Capital Region. Learn more by visiting our refreshed website now –

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