October 29, 2019

Relentless, FIG enter into strategic affiliation partnership

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Strategic partnership enables both agencies to better serve regional and national clients on both coasts with a wider scope of services

Relentless Awareness, an Albany-based public relations, advertising, public affairs, and events agency, and the FIG Brand Strategy Firm, a Las Vegas-based brand strategy agency, have announced they have entered into a strategic affiliation partnership to better serve regional and national clients for both agencies.

The affiliation partnership will allow for both agencies to better serve their respective clients, while expanding their joint ability to compete for new business in additional markets beyond their home regions. The partnership will also establish both agencies’ presence in each other’s markets, with Relentless using FIG’s Las Vegas office as its new Las Vegas location and FIG using Relentless’ Albany headquarters as its New York office.

Through this affiliation partnership, more than 90 percent of U.S. markets can now be served with a less than three-hour flight from either New York or Las Vegas by either agency. Current and prospective Relentless and FIG clients will be able to access a greater menu of services and opportunities through this affiliation.

FIG Firm, founded in 2017 by TaChelle Lawson, is a brand strategy firm specializing in the food and beverage, hospitality, and luxury lifestyle industries. FIG Firm focuses on telling their partners’ stories in a way that resonates with their clients. As the founder and president, Lawson is considered a highly respected marketing executive that delivers results. She leads a diverse team of women with one thing in common – their love for brand. Lawson is highly committed to team development and community involvement and manages her multiple roles with both force and grace.

“The Relentless team’s expertise in public affairs combined with our knowledge of the hospitality and entertainment industries makes this new arrangement an invaluable partnership. I am confident that this affiliation will help to push our agencies to new heights and expand the breadth of our impact far beyond what either of us could have done individually,” said TaChelle Lawson, founder and president, FIG Firm.

Lawson has nearly 20 years of experience in marketing and business development. She has worked with brands such as M&M Mars, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes-Benz, Lancôme, Red Bull, Nespresso, U.S Open, Microsoft, Best Foods, Benihana, Charles Schwab, Bentley North America, and many others. Lawson also serves as a mentor to young women in the Las Vegas metro area and is committed to developing the next generation of business leaders in Las Vegas.

Relentless, co-founded in 2012 by Joe Bonilla and Rich Fazio, is a public relations, advertising, and event management agency based in Albany, N.Y. with an administrative office in Greenville, S.C. The agency’s clients are involved in manufacturing, technology, retail, hospitality, real estate, antiques, healthcare, transportation, economic development, financial services, and political campaigns. Clients have included Waste Management, Uber, Nine Pin Cider, Death Wish Coffee, Bow Tie Cinemas, and Remarkable Liquids.

“We couldn’t have found a better match to expand our reach through this affiliation than TaChelle Lawson and FIG Firm,” said Joe Bonilla, co-founder and managing partner, Relentless. “As our business development strategy continues to target California, Florida, and beyond, our partnership with FIG Firm is a mutually beneficial arrangement that allows both FIG and Relentless to better compete for new business and serve its existing clients.”

Bonilla is recognized as a leading communications professional based in the Northeast. Major brands, companies, organizations, and public figures rely on Bonilla’s counsel and insight in moving their message forward with impressive results. From helping to bring ridesharing to Upstate New York and Long Island, promoting the burgeoning craft beverage industry, working with rising leaders at the local, state, and federal level, and lifting startup thrifts to Fortune 500 companies into the public conversation, Bonilla works tirelessly to enhance and advocate for each Relentless client.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with TaChelle and the team at FIG Firm to expand the reach and breadth of services for Relentless clients,” said Rich Fazio, co-founder and partner, Relentless. “The FIG team’s experience with brand identity and experiential marketing is truly exceptional. FIG’s extensive knowledge of the hospitality and beverage industries in Las Vegas and California fit hand in glove with our award-winning and industry-leading beverage practice in New York.”

For more information about the FIG Brand Strategy Firm, visit figfirm.com.

For more information about Relentless, visit relentlessaware.com.


About Relentless: Founded by Joe Bonilla and Rich Fazio with offices in Albany, NY and Greenville, SC, Relentless is an integrated public relations, advertising, events, management advisement, and public affairs agency committed to achieving substantial results for our clients. The agency’s clients are involved in manufacturing, technology, retail, hospitality, real estate, antiques, healthcare, transportation, economic development, financial services, and political campaigns. Our team has experience handling national promotional efforts, crisis communications and rapid response, and understanding the landscape – no matter the time zone or the terrain. relentlessaware.com.

About FIG Firm: Located in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world – FIG is a boutique brand strategy firm that specializes in bringing your brand’s story to life. The agency provides brands with a unique understanding of the food & beverage, hospitality and lifestyle industries. FIG encourages their partners to do what they do best, whether that’s operating a boutique hotel in West Hollywood, starting a new bourbon label or developing the newest pain-relieving cannabis oil. FIG’s partners know what they do best and our team makes sure the world knows it too. figfirm.com

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