Why Relentless?

Why should I/we hire Relentless? We are a results-driven, hard-charging agency that believes in the personal touch. We thrive to break your message into the public conversation on the ground and in the air — our record proves our strength.

Do you call yourselves a PR firm, an event planning company, a consultancy, or design agency? It seems like Relentless does a lot. Yes. The core of our business is communications and the services we provide are the tools that allow us to effectively serve your brand or organization. That could include a media campaign, an advertising push, organizing an event with important stakeholders, a website — you see the idea. Our strategy is why go to a variety of agencies and service providers when you can just go to one.

Am I better off with a boutique agency like yours? Yes. We are able to more effectively address your concerns, needs, and requests in a meaningful way. We have lower overhead costs, in which those savings are passed onto you.

You haven’t worked in our industry before. How can we trust Relentless to speak on our behalf? Our core product is storytelling – be it how medical device technology can be applied to innovative surgery to save lives, to mobilizing union members to protect their interests, to reaching a national audience for classic cars. We research your industry, work with you to develop the insight necessary to provide the pitch to earn coverage or new attention.

You’re based in Upstate New York, Upstate South Carolina, and the Las Vegas Valley. My business is in (insert location in the world). Are you able to work with me? Yes. Our team can meet digitally with you or we will meet you in person as needed. In today’s digital age, we are confident in our ability to serve clients, no matter where they are.

Our agency has partners and consultants across the country that further enables us to provide in-depth insight and production prowess, no matter if you’re in Sacramento or St. Petersburg.

What hours and days do you work? When you work, we work. And when you’re sleep, we work. We do our best to accommodate your schedule and your needs as part of your scope of work.