• Media Relations and Communications Counsel

Public representation to media outlets is crucial in terms of getting awareness for your product, service, or event. Our team has been instrumental in properly representing our clients to news outlets in a professional and effective manner. From news releases, advisories, interviews, press conferences, and presentations, experience matters and it shows.

  • Web Development and Management

Our team has years of experience working in website development and management for organizations ranging as small as a home-based non-profit to large scale universities and public institutions. What separates Relentless Interactive from other web developers is our knowledge of what has worked for our clients and our competition and how this applies to ensuring your organization can succeed online. A website must be effective, clean, and representative of your organization. We provide just that.

  • Audio and Video Solutions

From online-only videos to television productions, our team has produced programming and event-based shows that are not only engaging, but affordable and far-reaching. Our agency has been progressively investing in newer technologies for audio and video production in order to present your brand the best way it can be.

  • Advertising Solutions

Advertising has transformed from an era where an organization could buy a certain number of radio spots, newspaper ads, billboards, and television slots and ensure success. Today’s diversity in advertising outlets and general customer demographics trending toward a mix of traditional and progressive solutions (e.g. online advertising) make it increasingly more difficult to reach out to your audience. Our experience in demographic targeting ensures your business doesn’t get left in the dust.

  • Crisis Communications

Unexpected and adverse events happen to the best of companies. What’s worse than organizational disaster is looking like it’s happening. Crisis communications is a critical element of business success. Our team will consult with your organization to ensure that your business survives and thrives another day.

  • Graphic Design

From print design for flyers, postcards, and mailers to logo production, our team can produce graphic design at Manhattan-quality for Upstate prices.

  • Newsletter/Magazine Design

Catalog development to annual reports, developing a publication from scratch isn’t the most exciting nor is it a breeze time-wise. Our team has experience in developing layouts for newspapers, magazines, presentations, and event programs that range from a couple of paragraphs to scores of pages.

  • Label/Apparel/Product Design

T-shirts, jerseys, coffee mugs, vinyl banners – they all require concise design and production. What’s worse for a business than being overcharged for any of these? Being charged for both design and production. Through negotiated arrangements, we can provide our signature quality design along with production of these products at a reasonably low rate.

  • Viral Marketing and Social Media Support

Back in the day, viral marketing meant word of mouth. Guess what? Nothing’s changed. However, viral marketing now includes social networking through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and news mentions. Building a successful viral marketing campaign can explode the awareness of a product, service, event, or organization to heights unforeseen.