When you look good, we look good: P&P

Born and raised in Schenectady County, Dan Crowley recognized early on the impact that close relationships, friendships, and excellent customer service would have on a starting a business. In 2008, Dan founded P&P (Printz & Patternz), growing the business from a sole proprietorship to now include a production facility, retail store, and more than 10 employees serving customers not only here in New York’s Capital Region, but across the United States.

With P&P, Dan and the P&P team (which also consists of his wife Kristie and brother Mike — making it a family affair) has invested numerous hours and days on community projects that seek to improve the quality of life around Schenectady and beyond. From hosting fundraisers to lending support wherever they can, P&P understands that customer service goes beyond making the sale and includes going beyond to be a part of each of P&P’s customers’ lives.

Our agency worked with P&P on improving and synchronizing their social media platforms, in addition to creating new advertising opportunities using television advertisements that focused on quality customer service and years of intimate knowledge in the apparel industry, thus raising the profile of this emerging Capital Region business.