Joe Bonilla

Managing Partner and Senior Media Director

Joe Bonilla is managing partner, senior media director, and co-founder of Relentless Awareness.

Rich Fazio

Partner, Controller, Co-Founder

Rich Fazio is a partner, controller, and co-founder of Relentless Awareness.

Sam Moskowitz

Communications Manager and Beverage Lead

Sam Moskowitz is communications manager for Relentless Awareness.

Abena Okyere

Administrative Manager

Abena Okyere is the administrative manager of Relentless Awareness.

Sabrina Flores

Projects & Operations Coordinator

Sabrina Flores is a projects & operations coordinator of Relentless Awareness.

Joseph Alindato

Marketing & Production Manager

Joseph Alindato is a marketing and production manager for Relentless.

Brooke Pominville

Projects and Operations Coordinator

Brooke Pominville is projects and operations coordinator for Relentless Awareness.

Tyleigh Versocki

Partner and Events Advisor

Ty Versocki is partner and events advisor for Relentless Awareness.

Julia Auerfeld

Projects & Operations Coordinator

Julia Auerfeld is a projects & operations coordinator