A new era begins: Versocki takes over (April Fools)

On his personal Facebook profile, founding managing partner Joe Bonilla announced that he has sold his share of Relentless Awareness to junior partner and director of events and operations, Ty Versocki. From the post today:

The start of April marks the start of a new chapter. These past five-plus years building and growing Relentless has been a highlight of my life — working with public officials, companies, and organizations to amplify their message as part of the “public conversation.” However, with much drive and ambition comes the need to be disruptive. And here we go.

It is a bittersweet, yet proud moment, that I have sold my stake in Relentless to Ty Versocki, in which I will embark on a new venture in Western New York, alongside partners, to build a craft beverage production and performing arts compound (if you recall, I had been in the #Buffalo area in late February, in which secured and closed on a farm). It will be part of a new industry called the #agriarts — tying in my passion for supporting craft beverages and my love of the performing arts.

The farm will be a cooperative model, in which visiting artists and farmers can utilize our grounds to grow crops and to become one with the land. The adjacency to Lake Erie is a plus, as it will hopefully drive inspiration for those visiting. We are not seeking any public funds, as this needs to be driven by the private market and by community involvement.

I will be splitting my time between Albany and the farm soon before making the move full-time. I’d love to hang out with as many of you and for those of you who would like to make the trek to the farm, please let me know. As always, stay in touch, and be relentless.

Versocki will now manage the Albany office and will announce plans for reorganization in the coming days. Stay tuned.

(April Fools!)

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