A new location for digital magic and creative ingenuity

There comes a point – in every young agency’s life – where you realize what it takes to reach the next level in terms of delivering next generation solutions to today’s public relations and advertising challenges.

And if it’s finding incredible talent or implementing the best in technology, or just being imaginative in new ways, we have that covered. However, one particular update we want to share with you is going to change all of that.

We’re proud to announce that Relentless will be moving into the historic Harmanus Bleecker Library at 19 Dove in Downtown Albany this summer.

Listed with the National Register of Historic Places in 1996, this 1923 classical revival building was beautifully restored in 2002.

Our new office, now only one block away from the New York State Capitol and still in Albany’s Center Square neighborhood, will feature an interactive environment for our clients and partners that better ties in digital magic with creative ingenuity.

During this brief transition process, we aim on continuing to provide stellar service with limited or no disruptions.

We — as always — invite you to follow us on Twitter at @relentlessaware, join the conversation, and of course, #BeRelentless.

About the author

Joe Bonilla is the managing partner, co-founder, and senior media director for Relentless Awareness.