Get experience, meet decision makers, be relentless (okay, we may have gone too far there)

There’s no better way to get hands-on experience in PR than through an internship.

I think about, had I done a traditional internship myself, where I would have been (probably somewhere much warmer.) That’s one of the biggest reasons why we make our internship program more of a “co-op” program – where interns engage directly with our clients and actually contribute to their success (vs. the “can you get me a coffee” model that some other agencies sadly implement — we actually have a great coffee house as a client, so that’s never an issue).

Our interns meet candidates on the campaign trail, C-level executives being all executive-like, entrepreneurs looking at making strides in their respective industries, and artists looking at making the world a little brighter — and all of these individuals get to know each of our interns.

On behalf of our agency, Relentless is pleased to offer our Image Management Internship to undergraduate and graduate students in the Capital Region this semester and for the summer intersession. Here’s the details:

Image Management Internship Program

The Image Management Internship is geared to toward communication, language arts, marketing, business, and journalism majors, introducing them to the internal operations of an advertising and public relations firm. With our three practices (Political/Public Affairs, Business/Enterprise, and Entertainment), interns will be expected to work within an emerging agency environment.

+ Assist the team on strategic communication and design materials;
+ Build and update media distribution lists for use by team;
+ Assist with client-related pitches to media outlets;
+ Assist with event management and coordination, including but not limited to: vendor relations, event management, logistics, box office duties;
+ Assist with general office operations, including but not limited to: data entry, direct mail, correspondence.

Interns will work out of the agency’s Albany office. A variety of internship opportunities are available that range from seven to 35 hours a week through the semester, depending on the number of credits they seek to acquire through this internship. Stipends are available to select students.

Interested? Why do you send us your resume and a few writing samples – see where it goes from there. It doesn’t hurt.

About the author

Joe Bonilla is the managing partner, co-founder, and senior media director for Relentless Awareness.