Down the coast, but only a digital minute away

In the era of Mad Men and Magic City, businesses would invest heavily into expanding into new areas by setting up new offices in far-away locales. Opening an office in Los Angeles, Miami, and all other points west was a major milestone in a company’s trajectory.

How times have changed.

With the advent of the Internet age, having employees and contractors across the country (maybe around the world) isn’t nearly as glamorous or substantial as it may have been a half-century ago. However, one thing remains constant: the personal attention and being able to meet physically over your brand’s image – compared to a phone call or an online video meeting.

That’s why we’re proud to announce the launch of operations in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

rfazio-teamMyrtle Beach – a resort town with the mystic of Southern charm – is within a six-hour drive of several major metropolitan areas such as Charlotte, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Wilmington, and Raleigh-Durham. Cities and regions that are leaders in innovative technology, medical research, and financial services that no doubt have those with the entrepreneurial spirit.

Leading the charge will be Rich Fazio, our agency’s co-founder and partner. Rich – as you may recall – headed up business operations and our music and entertainment practice while up here and in Albany. As head of operations in Myrtle Beach, he’ll be the first face potential South Carolina customers will see from Relentless.

Production efforts will be done jointly, as design work will be done out of Albany. As we’ve done here in Albany, our goal is to use local contractors in and around Myrtle Beach for printing, mailing, and photography. All of this possible because of the power of the “interwebs” and the collaborative communication culture we’ve developed as an agency.

And depending on our success in Myrtle Beach, who knows where we may go next? Stay tuned.




About the author

Joe Bonilla is the managing partner, co-founder, and senior media director for Relentless Awareness.